What's on our minds...

Are you afraid of commitment? Do you bounce around from salon to salon, and stylist to stylist? Well stop it! On average it takes 3 salon visits with the same stylist to achieve what you’re after.  

It takes us awhile to understand your personality, get to know your hair, and possibly clean up someone else’s dirty work.  Am I saying this is true for every circumstance? No! What I am saying is give the new stylist a chance! Depending on what we are working with it is very possible that 3 visits are necessary to please you.

Switching stylists constantly is like playing Russian roulette with your hair. Why? It takes time to build a relationship with your stylist. We need to learn your wants, needs, lifestyle, time issues, personal style, and what you like and don’t like. Your first visit probably won’t produce you with the best hairstyle possible. Does this mean you won’t be happy with your new look? No! It will just get better with time. On visit two we will know more of what needs to be tweaked or fine tuned.  A stylist needs to see how your hair grows out and what shape it takes on during the grow-out process. We need to know if the color we chose suits you. Do we need to adjust the level or the tone? Do you need to be more ash, or more warm?  See, there is so much that could possibly need to be tweaked!

After you’ve become comfortable with your stylist you can come in for your hair appointment and just relax, not worrying about what hairstyle you are going to end up with! As you become more comfortable with your stylist it almost becomes a therapy session, it’s like hanging with the girls! Gossiping about your co-workers or just shooting the shit.  We are here to listen to your problems and help you talk them out. We’re like the bartender at your neighborhood bar!

All I’m saying is just give us a chance… 3 to be exact!